What are some popular free to play games currently available?

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When considering free to play games and their popularity, you take a number of factors into account. Most games like that made today are made in other countries, specifically Korea, so translations are a very important thing to look for. Companies like gPotato, Aeria Games and Nexon are the main proprietors of translated free to play games, and each have a vast array of them for amusement.

gPotato's most popular title is Flyff, short for Fly For Fun. I remember playing this game a few years ago, and it was amusing for the time. The game's simple yet engaging graphics was easy to get into, but unfortunately the content didn't deliver the amusement necessary to hold interest for a large amount of time. The game has gone through many iterations since then, so the current user experience may have changed since then. The biggest appeal of the game is the titular flying mechanic. Although most games have flying of some kind, Flyff has theirs much earlier, and has an array of vehicles in which to fly (brooms, wings, etc). The translations for the game are solid as well, and being one of the oldest of the free MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games to have come out, there aren't many localization errors to this day.

Aeria Games has the widest selection of games, and some of the most popular. I personally have played Shin Megami Tensei, Grand Fantasia, Shaiya and Eden Eternal. the last of that list being my current favorite. Eden Eternal is actually from China, while most games originate in Korea, and it's relatively new, so there are still some translation errors. In addition, not all of the content is released yet, but it's still an entertaining experience. They have many interesting ideas that are fresh for the MMO genre, and take some great strides for uniqueness in a world dominated by World of Warcraft. I will also say that Aeria has, in my experience, always had the best localization. Although they're not the best necessarily, they're often the most honest, like the translations were actually re-written to make sense for their translated language, rather than just literally interpreted, which leads to awkward dialogue and quest descriptions.

Nexon has probably the two most popular free MMOs on the market, Mabinogi and Maple Story. They also have a game called Combat Arms, which unlike all the other games on this list isn't an RPG (Role Playing Game), but an FPS (First Person Shooter), along the lines of Halo and Call of Duty. Although the free-to-play MMOFPS idea has since taken off, Combat Arms was one of the first, but unfortunately was not one of the best, still riddled with bugs and hacking issues. Their other two games, however, are two of the most popular for a reason. Maple Story has had a huge following ever since it's release in 2005 in this country, mostly for it's super stylized visuals and easy to pick up game play. Mabinogi, too has earned its popularity, providing players with many deep story lines and game play options that are normally only available in the subscription based bigger MMOs like World of Warcraft.

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