When did the revolutionization of gaming take place?

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This is a year for every gamer to savor. A mashup of the biggest trends that rocked the gaming boat this year has been assembled. New consoles, Handheld gaming devices and Virtual Reality gaming are just a few of the sectors which have been developed and improved during the year. It can be said that it is in the year 2013 that the revolutionization of gaming began.

New consoles

Sony introduced the PlayStation 4 focusing on gaming and the entertainment prospects of an added Blu-ray player. Four months later Microsoft announced the Xbox One which could feature video on demand applications for every interest and had the ability to multitask the work of three operating systems. Both Sony and Microsoft reported the sale of a million consoles on the very first day.

PC gaming enters the living room

In the current generation PCs have been more powerful than gaming consoles. Attached to the TV it will be able to do more and have a varied gaming environment with the ability to accommodate a lot of independent different types of games.

The introduction of OUYA’s consoles gave game creators a way to easily build games solely for the TV. Each console gives all games a free trial period and there are about 500 games in the OUYA’s game store even though this resulted in a low purchase rate.


No matter how developed Smartphone gaming is there is always room for hand held gaming systems. Nintendo’s 3DS handheld was the biggest selling hardware item for 6 consecutive months in 2013.

It gave the gamers the new entertainment they were looking for.

Virtual Reality

A tremendous amount of excitement and hype was created by the upcoming release of the ‘Oculus Rift’ the virtual reality headset developed by Oculus VR next year. So, throughout 2013 game developers have put up various creative games which could be used with the headset. Oculus VR welcomed support from the gaming community as well as interested developers.

Spectator Sport

We realized that you don’t have to play to enjoy the game. People enjoy watching other people play as much as they would enjoy playing the game themselves. Super fast internet allows game footage to be shared live or on demand. People use YouTube to broadcast their games and most have at least a thousand followers. Sites such as Twitch have grown to 45 million viewers a month because they have a streaming platform to watch gameplay in real time. This led to online game leagues being formed like Call of Duty and League of Legends. Competitive gameplay broadcasts were a burgeoning theme of 2013.

Casual Games

King’s Candy Crush Saga took the world by storm bridging cultural and demographical divides. The game was said to have been installed 500 million times since the latter part of 2012.

As we can see by the growth of development, streaming and sharing of the gaming experience or services in 2013 we cannot begin to imagine the change in the years to come but we are surely in for a treat. With 2013 the revolutionization of gaming has just begun.

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