Freemium Gaming: What are the Best Free PC Video Games and How to Keep them Free?

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The last decade has seen an EXPLOSION of new video games! Excitingly many of them are free to play or 'Freemium' games. This means that they are both ‘Premium’ and ‘Free’ providing a top of the line gaming experience and the quality you would expect from a big name Game developer while also not having that $60 or more price tag tacked on. Some popular titles include League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients 2, Heroes of the Storm, Planetside 2 and Team Fortress 2 to name a few. Deceptively many of these free PC video games or 'Freemium' games can end up being more expensive that a game you pay for upfront with many micro-transactions build into the gameplay. These micro-transactions can be for anything in game; a shiny new artwork or skin for your favorite character, the best new weapon that lets you defeat your enemy, or just extra lives to play longer. Mobile gaming is generally where we see the more abusive game models allowing you to bypass most of the game (making it seem more fun) by spending more or requiring money in order to keep playing, like the ultra-popular mobile game Candy Crush.

PC gaming on the other hand is more of a mixed bag of great, good, and greedy. Some games like League of Legends do not require you to spend money at all but force you into a lengthy ‘grind’ of gameplay where you many have to play for many months, or even years, until you have access to even a small part of what the game may offer. Additionally games like League of Legends offer skins and items completely irrelevant to the core gameplay which can quickly become a huge expense. That $60 price tag on the front of other games to get everything is starting to look more appealing. These games are decpetive and the typical form they use to get your hard earned money out of your pocket is to use multiple ‘fake’ currencies in game. One of these currencies can only be earned by playing, so it feels like you are being rewarded for your time spent on the game. The other currency can typically only earned by spending money. Sometimes you can spend money to earn extra in game currency as well making you feel like you have progressed even more in the game. Do not let yourself be decieved, if you are not having fun simply playing the game it may be a money grab or using deceptive game design methods to trick you into thinking you really do NEED to spend money.

With that being said there are some ways to play ‘Freemium’ games without spending money and still having a great time.Think before spending your money what that could be used on elsewhere. If you really like the game and play it a lot try and maximize on the Daily Bonuses. Many games give you extra points or currency simply by logging in and playing a single game every day. Others give you bonuses for playing with friends, which is generally a more fun way to play games anyways. So watch out for these deceptive ‘Freemium’ games and enjoy playing some quality free PC video games..

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