Where can I find a list of the best free online games?

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First, you need to determine what type of free online game you are interested in. If you enjoy Flash games, there are literally terabytes of them uploaded by the minute to several sites (FreeGames.com, AddictingGames.com and MiniClip.com just to name a few). Or perhaps you are more of an objective-driven, character builder who craves RPG (Wurm Online was featured by PC Magazine as one of the very few free online MMORPGs).

As many genres exist in the world of free online gaming as with any other console. PC Magazine keeps a running tally for the best titles and deals on their website under “free online games,” using their search tool is definitely a good place to start.

Also, check out your favorite gaming websites as they are useful engines with which to seek out those awesomely free online titles (eBizMBA.com named ign.com, GameSpot.com, GameFAQs.com, GameTrailers.com and Kotaku.com the top five most popular video gaming websites as of April 2012). From MMORPGs to text-based RTSs, and a plethora of genres in between, free online gaming is a growing internet niche.

Many of the previously stated sites offer digital communities for free online gamers through forums. Forums and blogs offer personal accounts and reviews on what subscribers think are the best, or the worst, free online games. So, know that you are not alone in the search for cheap entertainment. There is a mounting global rallying call for larger selections of free online games; because, let’s be honest, the best things in life are free. What sets video gaming apart from this? Nothing!

Then, you should probably take into account your surroundings; if the boss or instructor is walking around the workplace you might need to open several windows, just in case. Give the illusion of looking busy. You don’t want your free online gaming session of stickman warfare to go interrupted. Especially after spending hours upon hours, eager to reach that final level of the game; could you really appreciate a free online game if you were to lose everything simply because your boss caught you?

That probably will not be a conversation that is going to go over with the general of your stickman army. Especially accompanied by the thought that the boss will soon be in their office, behind closed doors, logged onto FreeOnlineGames.com, enjoying all those free online games you are being deprived of. Additionally, take into account that many site hits from Google with “free online games” include exclusive content intended for mature audiences only. There is a time and place; work boredom is not a good enough excuse to turn the cubicle into an animated geisha house.

Once you have found yourself a list, it is pretty much plug-and-play with which free online game best suits your interest. And from there on out, it will be nothing but boss-dodging, online gaming totally free, allowing you to let out your inner internet junkie. So, get out there and hit up Google for an extra bonus of websites.

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