Why are people considering Planetside 2's Minor Cloaking Implant Pay to Win?

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Recently, the Free to Play shooter Planetside 2, which is currently the world's only Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MMOFPS) game, is getting some new updates tested. However, members of the Planetside community aren't too happy about what's being offered. The developers of the game recently updated their Private Test Server with an improved version of the Implant system.

Previously, you could attach an implant to your character which would power up your character in small ways, such as slowly regenerating health or shaking your screen less upon nearby explosions. These implants would need to be energized, either through in-game batteries or by purchasing these batteries as micro-transactions from the in-game store.

The recent Private Test Server of the updated Implant system has these batteries removed. In exchange, the implants have become more expensive, rarer, and powerful. Obtaining these implants is no easy task either, as they are attached to a randomized loot box that you either have to pay a large amount of 750 certification points or five dollars of real world cash to obtain.

One of these implants, Minor Cloaking has drawn the most ire and is the biggest egregious offender in the Pay to Win accusations. Once equipping Minor Cloak , you turn invisible every eight seconds. Previously, invisibility was relegated only to the Infiltrator class, which has a limited selection of weaponry. This limited section of weaponry balanced the class to prevent invisibility from becoming too overpowered.

However, with Minor Cloaking being available on every class, this completely changes what kind of weapons a cloaker can use. Imagine running into a clear capture point room with nobody around you, and all of a sudden someone materializes in front of you and instantly kills you with a shotgun or rocket launcher blast. Sounds frustrating? You're not alone.

Apparently, Minor Cloaking has infuriated Planetside 2's small Reddit community. Many of the users expressed their anger at the developers for even daring to put such a thing on the test server. "If this gets pushed to Live, I'm legitimately quitting for good," fumed one player. "What were you smoking when you came up with this?" questioned another.

Cooler heads prevailed when members of the community started to make posts detailing why the Minor Cloaking implant breaks game design and would be an exercise in frustration for any person getting killed by a Minor Cloaking implant user. However, these arguments seem to have been ignored by the developers, as the lead developer Wrel chimed in that while they will be considering tweaks to the implant, they will not be completely removing it from the game.

Even if Minor Cloaking does get nerfed, it still doesn't address the entire concept of the new Implant system. Should character buffs (implants) be purchasable in a Free to Play game? Does this sort of behavior cross the line on what developers can and cannot sell? Other Free to Play titles such as League of Legends and DOTA 2 make it so that everyone in-game is on a relatively even playing field. We'll see what happens on Planetside 2's PTS server in the future, but currently, things seem pretty dire in deterring Planetside 2's Pay to Win accusations.

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