Which Console to Buy, Xbox or Playstation?

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A budding gamer is a glorious but conflicted person, one who requires knowledge of the industry they are about to step inside. This knowledge starts with the gaming console. The gaming console being selected by the gamer has many other outside factors such as friends, and personal preference, but research is key to being satisfied with your end product and articles such as this will help to ease the strain on the eager consumer.

Note: I will be excluding the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii as they are considered last-generation technology.

Microsoft Xbox One:

We will start with the console being marketed as a home entertainment system. This system sports a standard 500Gb hard drive and an HD 7770 GPU. Added to this, the Xbox One offers 8Gb's of RAM and a 64-Bit Processor. While a good sized processor is handy, Microsoft uses Cloud Computing to shift the work load to software that is held on the cloud in order to free up power for the Xbox One.

While the Xbox One carries very respectable technical specifications, it shines the most in its entertainment features . The digital store for browsing movies, television episodes, apps, and video games is easy to maneuver and very handy with only a swipe of the joystick to access. The Xbox One's online connectivity service called Xbox Live which allows you to play online with friends or people all over the world is the strongest incarnation of the service yet and upholds the standards that Microsoft expects. Microsoft also offers free and discounted games as a part of their Xbox Live service to compensate for its price of $60 USD a year with new free games added twice per month.

Of course, no console on the market is without fault. With core focus off of gaming, the Xbox One's visuals have been decreased compared to other consoles, but are solid and when stacked against competitors. Another gripe is the hard drive space of 500Gb's which seems big at the start, but decreases rapidly from game downloads. That being said, Microsoft offers a 1Tb console for more money or external hard drives. All in all, the Xbox One offers a comprehensive entertainment piece that is easy to use, and immensely enjoyable for gamers.

The Xbox One retails from $350 USD to $399 USD with special editions ranging in price.

Sony Playstation 4:

If the Xbox One was an all around console for a variety of needs, then the Sony Playstation 4 is the console for a video game focused buyer. Coming complete with a graphics card rivaling an HD 7850, 8Gb's of RAM, and a 64-Bit Processor, the Playstation 4 is built with the sole purpose of gaming. It also comes with a factory issued 500Gb hard drive to ensure you get a ton of exciting games when you buy your console.

The Playstation 4 has amassed a laundry list of console exclusive games which can only be played on a Playstation, and most of those games are amazing. Exclusives like Bloodborne and the upcoming Uncharted 4 have already been lauded as instant classics and the only way to play them would be the beast that is the Playstation 4. Added on to its list of exclusives, the Playstation 4 has a relatively solid connectivity service called The Playstation Network with it's paid membership service known as Playstation Plus. Within Playstation Plus you are able to again play with friends, get free or discounted games, and browse media to your pleasure for $60 USD a year. The consoles focus on gaming means that its visuals are top notch and with a library of games a mile long, it really serves as the piece of gear which will give you hours of satisfaction.

With all of this being said, the Playstation Network has garnered controversy from the amount security its had, and the navigation of the various menus can be clunky at best. Another issue is again, the 500Gb's which dwindles at an astounding rate thanks to giant downloads and other features. However, if you can look past the technical issues and focus solely on gaming, there's no doubt that the Playstation 4 is the gaming console you want to be playing on right now.

The Sony Playstation 4 retails for $399 USD with special editions ranging in price.

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As you can now see, both consoles have high points, that will provide incentives to purchase them. The ability to choose as I said in the beginning comes down to personal preference, but finding the right product requires research and information to be certain of satisfaction. Now choose, Xbox or Playstation!

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