How do I use the warrior DPS stance Deliverance in FFXIV?

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With the level cap being increased to 60, warriors in Final Fantasy XIV have found themselves equipped with unimaginable power. DPS. The new abilities for warriors between levels 50 to 60 offer a wide range of offensive options to your tanking play. Perhaps the most unique is the new warrior DPS stance, Deliverance, which allows you to throw down with dragoons and black mages. It's more than just a toy for solo play; players that can master the ins and outs of stance dancing, and can make effective use of the hard-hitting Fell Cleave, will be able to put out numbers that are nothing short of amazing.

How it Works

Deliverance gives a 2% boost to your critical hit rate for every stack of abandon you accumulate, and an additional 5% bonus damage to all of your attacks. As with wrath accumulated in the Defiance stance, abandon can stack a maximum of five times. These stacks of abandon can be used to fuel the deadliest attacks in your arsenal: Fell Cleave, a high damage strike against a single target, and Decimate, a medium damage area of effect attack. Switching to Deliverance from Defiance will convert all of your wrath into abandon (and vice versa), allowing you to seamlessly transition between tanking and DPS without losing your momentum.

Tanking in Dungeons

The decision of when to switch can be tricky, especially in group content such as four-man dungeons. As the only tanking job in your party, you will have to take the heat off your specialized DPS partners--but that doesn't mean you can't pitch in. Remaining in Defiance for the tanking benefits is still a good idea on large pulls; however, once you build up five stacks of wrath, you can switch to Defiance and throw out a vicious Fell Cleave or Decimate before returning to your tanking stance. Warriors with better gear and high health pools won't have to worry as much, and may be able to stay in Deliverance full-time. After all, anything you can do to contribute extra DPS to your group will speed things up and get that dungeon cleared much quicker.

Tanking Trials and Bosses

Bosses, trials and the like are encounters where Deliverance truly shines. As the off-tank, you can remain in the stance throughout the duration of the fight, perhaps swapping to Defiance on for specific mechanics. Main tanks, however, that start the battle while in Deliverance can generate a huge lead on the aggro charts. Using Berserk, and your other buffs intelligently in your opener, while still maintaining your combos, will generate enough abandon for you to be able to fire off three Fell Cleaves before your attack bonus from Berserk wears off. The high damage output enables massive enmity generation before transitioning back to your tank stance. It's not recommended to sit in your tanking stance the whole fight, even if you're the main tank-- effective stance dancing between Defiance and Deliverance can give your party the edge in time-sensitive trials by adding to your group DPS.

Whether you're solo grinding for your relic weapon, tackling the newest hard mode encounters, or just out farming monsters, the new warrior DPS stance offers much appreciated utility.

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