How to make leveling up in Diablo 3 easier and fast?

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Leveling up in Diablo 3 can be a very daunting task for beginners to the MMORPG world, or to Diablo 3 itself. At the start of the game, the game itself will guide you along the way, telling you what is best to do at the time itself. Playing with a group of friends is best of course, giving you faster experience gain and easier content clearing.

Here are some tips for you to level fast while enjoying the game.

1. Partying. Why party up you might ask? Partying up gives you extra exp gain and of course bonus loot! Do take note that in Diablo 3, the monsters' HP do not scale with how many people are currently in the party. It only scales with difficulty which is what i will talk about next. You also get different buffs that your party members can provide you, some examples are higher defense and attack, higher crit rate and many more!

2. Difficulty. Many of you will start off with the default difficulty that gives you the usual exp but as you get stronger, or if you are lucky enough to have a group of friends who happen to play this game then you're in luck! Higher difficulty means better drops, way higher exp gain. I recommend changing your difficulty to Hard mode for new players, it gives you a whopping 75% experience bonus. That might not sound much but comparing it to Normal mode it definitely sounds way better.

3. Rifts/Greater Rifts. They provide a decent upgrade in gear compared to what you were using pre-rifting. Once you hit the max level of 70, your leveling system will be by "Paragon" levels. Rifts are the most efficient way to level up Paragon and also the best way to get better equipment for newer players, they might be a tad too difficult at the start but partying up is what helped me and my friends to get through the early stages of Diablo 3. Once you have a full set of legendaries or even ancients, doing rifts alone will be much more easier.

4. Adventure mode. Most players enjoy doing the Story mode for the lore, but if you are more on the competitive side and want to look for better exp, start by doing Adventure mode. Many people start with story mode just for that headgear called Leoric's Crown that you get near or over Level 5 that gives you extra exp gained. Adventure mode not only gives you extra exp but loot boxes that you can open to get your respective gear.

5. Sockets. In #4 I have mentioned an item called Leoric's Crown. Most headgear will have sockets you can put a gem in, and there are exp gems that you can put in sockets, mainly headgear. Those give you a boost in leveling and will grant you a fast start in your Diablo 3 adventures.

See? Leveling up in Diablo 3 is not that difficult at all! Of course if you want to enjoy the game itself you can always play through Story mode and enjoy the lore that is offered to you!

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