What are the best free MMORPGs that I can play for free from my computer?

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In recent years, many new MMORPGs have been changing from subscription based to a more free-to-play model. Here are some of the best games you can play for free from your computer absolutely free. Here are some games I consider to be some of the best free MMORPGs.

League of Legends

This game is not necessarily new, it was actually released in October 2009, but with the team releasing new patches with balance updates as well as adding new characters every month or so it remains just as fresh as it was upon release. It is not a typical MMORPG, it is part of a genre that is called MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) which consists of two teams trying to destroy each other's bases with a slew of characters. League of Legends proudly boasts a character roster of 115 original character, and are developing many more.

The company sustains the game with in-game purchases (with Riot Points that can be purchased with real money) that can buy purely cosmetic upgrades for the characters. This game is not pay-to-win. This game is currently the most played game and has an incredibly large e-sports scene.


This game based of off dungeon and dragons is a traditional MMORPG but with combat that feels much more fluid and dynamic than practically all MMORPGs currently available. The game currently has 5 classes with a new one on the way. If you like engaging story and fun combat in your online games then this game is certainly worth being checked out.


This game has recently gone free-to-play as well, it is a beautiful game and the character customization is practically unparalleled with the different playstyles each class can have, even from others of the same class. My personal favourite feature of this game is the "low quality renderer" this feature allows people using computer with much less power to run the game at a decent fps, one quality I wish other games would rate higher than they currently do.


This one here is a bit different from the typical MMORPG as well, as in it isn't even 3D. The game is a South Korean-made sidescroller. It has 9 different characters at this time, and each of those 9 have 3 different paths they can upgrade to further in the game, then after that they get another upgrade. The game is, from my experience, extremely casual and its possible to just pick it up for 5 minutes when you don't have time for anything else, on the other hand its very possible to get involved with the combat and PvP of the game. Would only recommend to those who enjoy asian games or animation.

Path of Exile

If you're a fan of the ARPGs of old such as Diablo 2, then you should definitely be playing this game. This is a ARPG that plays as a MMORPG, you are in the world with many other people in the same instance, however when you go dungeon-crawling you (and your party) are left alone in your own instance/story). The game has a skill system and an item system with is simple enough to learn but will keep seasoned theory-crafters up at night for days on end. With a passive skill tree with over 1200 available talents as well as the ability to customize loot with gems this game is actually setting the standard much higher for future ARPGs.

The only downside of this game is that it is currently still in beta and the fourth act is not yet complete. When this New Zealand developing company releases this game the name Grinding Gear Games and the World of Wraeclast might even become household names in the genre and one of my personal best free MMORPGs.

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